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Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård

Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård AB
660 10 Dals Långed • Sverige
Laxsjöns Friluftsgård & Camping is beautifully situated on a peninsula in Laxsjön - Dalslands channel. Right in the heart of Dalsland. It is close to everything Dalsland has to offer!



Directions from south: 


From Göteborg/Uddevalla drive route 172 north towards Bäckefors. (From Mellerud drice route 164 towards Bäckefors.)


From Bäckefors continue north towards Bengtsfors on eoute 172 to Brohögen (Pump). Turn right towards Dals Långed
and drive approx. 1 km.


Turn left at the sign for Laxsjöns Friluftsgård
 & Camping. Foolow the signs! 





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Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård AB


Phone: +46 (0)531-300 10
Fax: +46 (0)531-305 55
E-mail: office@laxsjon.se

Welcome to Laxsjöns Friluftsgård & Camping! 


Our four-star camping area has a variety of campsites. You just have to choose. Do you prefer camping on the edge of the woods, in an open field or maybe down by the lake? Take your pick! We provide excellent service. You'll find that there is something for everyone here.    


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Brochure Laxsjöns Camping   

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Our recreation and camping area is beautifully situated on a peninsula in Lake Laxsjön – Dalsland Canal – right in the heart of Dalsland. From here you can easily reach all that Dalsland has to offer: Håverud’s aqueduct, petro glyphs, Åmål’s trotting course, Baldersnäs Estate, wonderful motorcycle roads, beautiful countryside, one of Europe’s most beautiful waterways, excellent fishing, swimming, great berry and mushroom picking, exhibits, music, dance, handicrafts.




Here in our camping area we can offer you camping and lodging, accommodations for courses and conferences, football fields (illuminated), canoes, boats, trampolines, miniature golf, swimming, fishing, and more.


We arrange camp schools and sport training camps, as well as different types of courses and conferences. Of course we celebrate the traditional Swedish Midsummer with decorated maypole and dancing.